Bow Thruster Hydro-Blasting

Bow and Stern Thrusters loose their effectiveness when fouled with marine growth in Marina Del Rey. Divers are limited to scraping the outer blades if at all possible in the limited space and awkward reach!
Hydro-Blasting removes stubborn growth from the inner and outer blades, so your thrusters work efficiently and operate your vessel safely. We generally perform this task in the Summer Months when the growth is at it's worst.
Q: Why do I need my Bow Thruster Cleaning?
A: Without hydro-blasting Divers are limited to scraping what they can reach in the thruster tunnel. Hydro-Blasting allows the diver to use an extended wand to reach deep into the tunnel and clean the outer and inner blades and hub, so the thruster is free of growth.
Q: Who cleans my thruster?
A: BTW trained divers will perform this task in-water, at your slip location.
Q: How often should I have my thrusters cleaned?
A: We recommend hydro-blasting every two months, during the summer months. During the winter there is no hard growth that hampers performance.
Q: What happens if I don't have my thrusters cleaned?
A: Your thrusters will have limited operation as the propellers hydro-dynamics are completely thrown off due to the weight of marine growth.
Q: What does the diver do besides cleaning?
A: Our divers inspect your boat as they clean. Divers are trained in corrosion control and problem recognition, a diver report is forwarded to management and you are informed accordingly.
Q: My boat and thrusters have recently been painted; do I still need your Services?
A: Generally anti-fouling paint has a life of two years and works on a leeching process. Due to the backwash and centrifugal forces your thruster and tunnel are subject to, the leeching process is greatly increased. We advise thruster cleaning should be implemented six months after fresh paint.
Bow and Stern Thrusters Hydro Blasting - Before
Bow and Stern Thrusters Hydro Blasting - After