Bow Thruster Anode Installation

Due to the wide variety of anodes available for different models and manufactures of bow/stern thrusters, it makes the job very complicated for the average diver to understand
The location of anodes can be very difficult to access and are often ignored. It is critical that your thruster is protected. If the prop is plastic then the body and/or internal gearing need protection.
Below The Waterline divers are trained in this area and our in water management team double checks these areas.
Volvo bow thruster zinc replacement
Imtra Side Power - Inactive Zinc

Stern Drive Specialists

All Stern/Outdrives in salt water are very susceptible to corrosion. Owners need to strictly follow the manufactures guidelines for servicing. Boats need removing from the water on a regular basis so a certified drive technician can closely inspect them. Divers are not professional drive technicians and are often limited by poor viibility.
Stern Drive Corrosion:
Unfortunately the average diver does not recognize all sacrificial anode locations or when they are in need of replacement
If you have hidden anodes, please inform us, otherwise we will assume they will be replaced during your out of the water annual out-drive maintenance servicing.
Certain manufactures insist you use aluminum anodes to comply with warranty guidelines.There is no reason your stern drive should suffer. We closely monitor all our stern drives and problems are taken care of immediately, before it's too late!
used to paint the aluminum drives (to prevent paint reaction corrosion). The paint is thin, weak and cannot access enough coverage of intricate underwater areas, therefore summer growth is always bad and the winters rainy season allows an unsightly algae coverage.
The anti-fouling paint simply will not last more than six months. Unless a new paint is invented, it may be wiser to invest in more cleaning! Do not through, your zinc/anode consumption rate will dramatically increase and your drives will become more susceptible to corrosion.

Dock Repair

You can contract us to evaluate the condition of marine structures, report findings and suggest a course of action to be taken. We will be happy to include photographs with our inspection.

Damage Assessment

Our Underwater Digital Photography can help.
Hull Impact Damage
Drive Ram Arm Damage
Strut Faring Material Cracking